Ready, Set, Goals!

On June 1, I completed my first year as an Instructional Technology Coach for Tuscaloosa City Schools. I served 13 schools (yes, THIRTEEN) as best as I could. I focused on building relationships, communication, and availablity. I didn’t complain because I know people who are serving over 30 schools alone. There were days I wantedContinue reading “Ready, Set, Goals!”

Top 10 Ways to Involve Parents Using #EdTech

Last week, I blogged about apps you can use to communicate with parents for EdTechTeam for #NationalParentsAsTeachersDay (November 8).  It was an honor to blogged for them for the second time. I hope you all find the blog beneficial. If you have any recommendations/suggestions, post them in the comment section below or send me aContinue reading “Top 10 Ways to Involve Parents Using #EdTech”


DonorsChoose was created by Charles Best, who was a history teacher at a Bronx Public High School in 2000. He realized how much money teachers were using to purchase school supplies for their students and decided to create a website where teachers couldprojects and people could choose the ones they wanted to support. Thankfully, I haveContinue reading “DonorsChoose”

The WHY: Building Relationships

This summer, I was asked to be a guest blogger based on a response I gave to a question during the #ALEdchat. I was so happy about someone acknowledging my passion for children and how significant it is to build lasting relationships with them and their families. In the words of Rita Pierson, kids don’tContinue reading “The WHY: Building Relationships”