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World Bipolar Day

Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month. I debated sharing, but figured why not? I have been transparent and vulnerable already a number of time so why shy away from my truth now? I honestly don’t know how or where to begin since I have contemplated suicide just a couple months ago. I always have morbid thoughts…

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It’s been a wild ride. LOL. No, really. The pandemic has shined a light on the things I wanted to keep in the dark. I gained about 40 pounds during quarantine. Yes, you read that right. FORTY POUNDS. While most took that time to get in shape, I ate my feelings, my insecurities, my anxiety,…

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How Do You Implement SEL? CARE.

Even before there was a name for it, I have always put the emotional needs of students first. I am oftentimes asked how do you implement SEL into instruction? My answer is always start by asking them how their night and morning went with a form of embrace. That’s it! Social-emotional learning is not some…

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