About Me

Instructional Technology Specialist

Alicia Sewell, M.Ed.

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist for the Tuscaloosa City Schools. I support schools with meaningful technology integration. I am also a member of the Central Support Team (CST), Social-emotional learning (SEL) Leadership Team, and the STEAM team.

I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in early childhood and elementary education from the University of West Alabama. I will earn an Educational Specialist degree in educational technology in May 2021, and will begin my doctoral journey in August 2021 from Boise State University.

Employment History

Instructional Technology Specialist at Tuscaloosa City Schools
(2020 – present)
As an Instructional Technology Specialist, I frequently collaborate with members of the Central Support Team, which consists of many other specialists within the district, and school administrators in curriculum design by sourcing or creating new technologies to be used in classroom instruction. I assist school administrators in identifying and correcting problems and deficiencies within current technology-based programs using past data programs and outcomes. I frequently train teachers and other stakeholders on using hardware and software in the learning process. I am also a member of the SEL Leadership Team and the STEAM Team.

Instructional Technology Coach at Tuscaloosa City Schools
(2017 – 2020)
As an Instructional Technology Coach, my main goal was to support teachers with the integration of technology by assisting them with the redefining and modification of their curriculum. I also supported district-wide initiatives and the 1:1 device initiative to maximize student learning with the use of technology, assisted with the facilitation of instructional strategies in the classroom with the implementation of technology that helped make those strategies more effective, and conducted one-on-one coaching with teachers, administrators, parents, and other stakeholders.

Lead Teacher at YMCA Child Development Center of Tuscaloosa
(2016 – 2017)
While employed at Tuscaloosa’s YMCA Child Development Center, I assisted students with homework and projects; was responsible for the supervision, safety, and well being of program participants; followed the guidelines agreed upon by the Program Director; communicated with the Program Director concerning student/family needs; upheld facility maintenance and cleanliness standards; worked closely with assistant teachers and volunteers; ensured proper set-up and broke down of assigned rooms daily and maintained a neat and clean appearance of room including equipment and supplies; and, presented quality image through staff attire and interaction with other YMCA employees, volunteers and membership.

Teacher at Tuscaloosa City Schools
(2012 – 2017)
I was responsible for establishing and maintaining a classroom environment that utilized space, materials, routines, and guidance techniques to effectively facilitate physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development of the children I served. I followed the First Class Pre-K guidelines of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education and the Alabama Course of Study.