Bitmoji Classroom Craze

Remote learning or virtual learning (whatever you choose to call it) began for most of the world’s children in March due to COVID-19 (or coronavirus). Around that time, the #BitmojiClassroom craze began. I think it was created by Shana Ramin. I avoided it because I had so many other things going on (coursework, work obligations, etc). And, I am no longer a classroom teacher so I thought, what’s the point?

Well, COVID-19 is on the rise in many states (including Alabama) and, unfortunately many people feel students should return to school (in-person instruction). Thankfully, the district I work in will have virtual instructional UP TO 9 weeks, which means we could go back to in-person instruction any time before the 9 weeks are up. Could be 4 weeks could be the full 9. Teachers are terrified. Even my nephews speak about the need to stay home even though they have admitted they’re bored.

I miss normalcy and want it back, but I feel there is no longer a such thing as normal. There is a fear of forgetting my mask in the car when I need to go inside a store or coughing and people thinking I am the plague. Not to mention the continuous racial injustice I and people who look like me face daily. Black and brown people being murdered on camera and nothing being done about it, racism caught on camera… makes you wonder how much of it happens that isn’t recorded. Then, when it is recorded, nothing happens (#BreonnaTaylor, #ElijahMcClain, #AhmaudArbery, and thousands more).

Last week, late one night, I decided to create a #BitmojiOffice. I have always wanted to be a classroom and office interior designer. I want to be a lot of things actually. LOL! I have SO many goals! HAHA! Other than being busy, I avoided creating one because of my OCD. It took me 2-3 hours and it was done. I LOVED it.

First Bitmoji Office created by @TechySewell.

After I shared my first creation on social media, I was asked to create one for a counselor I know from college. She even offered to pay me for it. I was uneasy about it at first. I wondered if it would be right and how it would make me look. Of course, friends and family told me there is nothing wrong with getting paid for my service. So, I took her on then after sharing hers, many more people began contacting me and automatically asking what I charge. I was dumbfounded by the attention my passion was getting.

Bitmoji office by @TechySewell.

I have since created 2 Bitmoji classrooms and an office with more pending. I consider it such a blessing to have so much support and encouragement from people, most of whom I have never met. This pandemic has taught me so much and allowed me to bet on myself and my ability to bring joy to people even if it is in the form of a virtual classroom (or office).

If you would like me to create a Bitmoji classroom or office for you, please complete this form. Thank you!

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