Coaching During a Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been running rapid all over the world. No one was prepared for it. NO ONE. We are walking around with masks, people are dying in the hundreds daily, we are quarantined, and the way things once were will no longer be. Trips have been cancelled, weddings, and social events… cancelled.

COVID-19 has changed how we interact, how we teach, and how we function. I am still trying to wrap my mind around how much everything has changed. I spend majority of my days coaching virtually through Google Meet. I have never answered so many emails within a day, and my cell phone dies at least twice daily.

Although there is so much to fear – the unknown, the what ifs, the future, but the fact is, I feel that this pandemic has been what education needs. Weirdly, what I needed to regain confidence and passion for what I do now. Before the pandemic, I didn’t feel significant, appreciated, or good at my job. I oftentimes longed for the comfort of a classroom, the joy of always having students dependent on me for their academic and social-emotional learning. I didn’t have anything to prove to them. They made me feel necessary, smart, real… and in return, I loved them, I taught them, I appreciated them. Whenever there was a moment of doubt or sadness, one of them would come to me and assure me that I matter. In truth, they validated my feelings and strength as an educator.

My first year as an instructional technology coach was HARD, mentally and emotionally. There were days I felt defeated and cried because of uncertainty and discomfort. My safe place has always been in the classroom. I may fail at many things, but educating children has never been one of them. I have always done it with much passion, discipline, and truth.

I also believe it took this pandemic to have teachers finally trust me and my expertise, to finally come to me for help, to finally take me seriously. I am building deeper relationships from my the comfort of my home. It has been rewarding and humbling.

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