Congratulations to University Place and Ms. White’s students for earning  their reward from the first round of the #TCSRobotChallenge! Many teachers told me they wanted to participate, but couldn’t find the time to allow their students to dive in so I am hosting the challenge again this semester. I hope you all can participate this time around. The most creative and engaging presentations will receive a LEGO Mindstorms kit!


  • Your students must create a presentation explaining WHY they want the robot kit
  • Students must plead their case by using a digital tool such as Prezi, Google Slides, Paper Slides, Glogster, YouTube, etc.)
  • You, as the educator, must post the finished presentation to your Twitter account using the hashtag #TCSRobotChallenge
  • Your students can create as many presentations as they’d like
  • The kit will be awarded to a class, not individual students

I want this to be a fun project for you and your students! The challenge will end March 2! If you have any questions, contact me via email (asewell@tusc.k12.al.us), Twitter, or phone (ext 2050).

Good luck AND have fun!

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